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Ro licenses providers in all 50 states.

Ro & Medallion

Ro is a leading healthcare technology company building a patient-centric healthcare system. Ro’s vertically integrated primary care platform powers a personalized, end-to-end healthcare experience from diagnosis, to delivery of medication, to ongoing care. With a nationwide provider network, in-home care API, and proprietary pharmacy distribution centers, Ro seamlessly connects telehealth, diagnostics, and pharmacy services to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare without the need for insurance.

The Problem

Expanding the reach of Ro’s provider network in a cost efficient way is critical to keeping up with patient demand. To accomplish that, Ro’s clinical operations team is tasked with licensing their providers in new states. As Zach Reitano, CEO at Ro, can attest, licensing is an antiquated process without good technology solutions. This leads to opaque relationships with little visibility into the licensing process and unconsolidated data across multiple spreadsheets.

Introducing the Medallion Solution

With Medallion, Ro is able to easily request new licenses directly from within Medallion’s software platform. This gets granular down to the specific type of license (State, DEA, CSR, etc.) and the types of license (MD, DO, PA, RN, NP, etc). Having all of the requests recorded in a single place for the entire clinical operations teams to see drives transparency. Clinician data is also stored directly within Medallion, reducing the number of different places the information is flowing. Finally, license progress is recorded in the system. All of this drives efficiency and transparency in the process.

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Expand into new markets quickly through multi-state licensure.
Medallion has been our go-to medical licensing partner for the last year and we’re excited to continue deepening the relationship as Ro keeps scaling.
Zachariah Reitano, CEO
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Medallion lets you effortlessly manage your provider data, acquire new licenses, and automate credentialing. All in one modern platform.
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