Ongoing monitoring

Always stay in compliance.

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Comprehensive Continuous Monitoring
Maintain compliance and peace of mind without lifting a muscle.

Medicare & Medicaid Sanctions

Track exclusions and debarrments from federal healthcare programs.

State Board Sanctions

Tracks sanctions and limitations placed by state medical boards for various professions.

Malpractice Tracking

Get updates on malpractice claims and adjudications.

Licensing Monitoring

Monitor expirations, renewals, and any limits on licensure.
Direct Integrations
Medallion integrates directly with primary sources (FSMB, NPDB, OIG LEIE,, NPPES, and hundreds more) to automatically monitor provider credentials.
Total Coverage
Medallion makes the complexity of monitoring dozens of profession types across the country simple.
Actionable Alerts
Configure notifications just the way you want them. Rest easy knowing you won’t miss a thing.
Automate your admin.
Medallion lets you effortlessly manage your provider data, acquire new licenses, and automate credentialing. All in one modern platform.
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